kindly note that CAC has changed the procedure below for accreditation, though you still need the documents below. The new procedure now is to register directly as an agent though the CAC portal.

You get accredited from the comfort of your home. That is the beautiful thing with accreditation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). We have hereby prepared a comprehensive “new normal” guide to requirements for accreditation with the CAC.

1. Eligibility

Professionals eligible for accreditation with the CAC include:

  1. Legal practitioners,
  2. Chartered accountants,
  3. Chartered secretaries, and
  4. A firm of any of the above professionals.
2. Fill out the application form for accreditation (cac/acr/1)

Download the CAC Accreditation form here


3. Gather the accompanying documents

The required documents for accreditation for legal practitioners include:

  1. Your passport photograph,
  2. Copy of Call to Bar Certificate, ICAN, ANAN or ICSAN Certificate
  3. Copy of LL.B certificate, 
  4. Copy of national youth service corps (nysc) discharge certificate (or exemption),
  5. Copy of receipt of payment of practicing fee the current year, and
  6. Evidence of payment of prescribed fees.

4. Payment of prescribed fees via remita

–          the prescribed fee for an individual is n5,000.00 (five thousand naira).

–          n10,000.00 (ten thousand naira) is the prescribed fee for a firm.

–          follow the procedure below to make payment via

1.       Open a web browser and go to

2.       Click on “pay tsa & states”

3.      Click on “fgn: federal government of nigeria”

4.      Fill in the spaces as displayed below.

Payment of prescribed fees by cac

payment via remita

5. Scan the fill out form and the accompanying documents together

if you do not have access to an image scanner, you can scan the documents with your phone, using a scanner app. I scanned mine through my phone, using camscanner. If you use camscanner, do not border yourself trying to remove the camscanner watermark. It does not affect your application.

6. Send an email to the cac, attaching the scanned documents

–          your message must contain two (2) important information:

1.       The fact that you are applying for accreditation, attaching the form together with the accompanying documents, and

2.       An information regarding the cac branch closer to you where you want to pick up your accreditation identity card.

–          displayed below was the email i sent.

Accreditation email to the corporate affairs commission

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7. Have patience

cac contacted me (through a phone call) to come collect my accreditation id card exactly 21 days after i sent my application.

8. Collection of your accreditation id card

go with the evidence of payment of the prescribed fee. The one you generated via

I hope you find the article helpful?

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