Caseware IDEA Data Analysis Masterclass (Nov 30-1 Dec) 





Nov 30 – 1 Dec 2016

9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Mackintouch Consulting Training Centre,

Beside BestWestern Hotel,

Opebi Roundabout,

Opebi, Ikeja



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About IDEA Data Analytics 
Today the availability of abundant data from Legacy systems, bespoke applications and modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP’s) provide Auditors, Accountants, Investigators, Analysts, Security Professionals and Controllers the opportunity to mine and thereby create valuable information from raw data. Organizations need to build a culture with related process, people and technology of making the best of Data Analytics.

Programme Objectives 
The IDEA Masterclass is the premier training for IDEA Data Analysis Software users from beginners to specialists. Whether you are new to IDEA, a seasoned user or just considering it – you will find there is a lot to learn and implement at this exciting one of a kind event.
The Masterclass will provide you with the required skill sets in terms of discovery, visualization, data analysis, control testing, MIS reporting, complex data mining, large database reconciliation, statistical sampling, red‐flag analytics and continuous monitoring to take your analytic experience in IDEA to the next level.

Who Should Attend 
·         Internal Auditors
·         External Auditors
·         Fraud Investigators
·         MIS Analysts
·         Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring Specialists
·         IT Control Specialists

Programme Deliverables 
·         Current cutting edge training material from Caseware IDEA Inc. Canada on IDEA Data Analysis Software Version 10.
·         Case Studies from diverse industry segments, business processes and audit assurance engagements.
·         Dedicated training session on live data with Control Objectives provided by participants.
·         Experience sharing from successful implementations in India.
·         Sharing of practical do’s and don’ts on IDEA usage.
·         Interactive Quiz Session
·         Certificate of Participation.

Course Outline 
Introduction to IDEA 
·         Introduction to the IDEA workspace ·
·         Creating a new IDEA Project
Importing Data 
·         Adding comments to databases
·         Importing data from EXCEL
Extraction and Analyses 
·         Creating Summaries
·         Duplicate Detection
·         Isolating records via Criteria and Direct Extraction
·         Reporting and Exporting Results from IDEA
·         Visualisation using discover, dashboards and customisation of visualise-dashboard creation.
Data Reconciliation 
·         Data Reconciliation within IDEA
·         Field Statistics
·         Modifying Fields
·         Visualisation – discover and dashboards
·         Customising and Saving Views
·         Indexing and Basic Views
·         Project Overview
·         Random sampling
·         Stratified Random Sampling
·         Systematic Sampling
Import Data 
·         Importing data from CSV Files
·         Importing data from Print Reports
Extraction and Analyses 
·         Appending User Fields to Databases
·         Custom Reports
·         Equation Editor – Logic Errors and @Functions
·         Gap Detection
·         Introduction to Stratification
Relating Data 
·         Appending Databases
·         Joining Databases
Imports / Exports 
·         Additional import types
·         Copying and saving templates, equations and files across projects
·         Greater complexity of PDF importation
·         IDEA Scripting (Basic Introduction)
·         Extraction of code from History
·         Introduction to automation
·         Visual script
·         Duplicate Key Exclusion (plus Join for full detail)/
·         Fuzzy Duplicates
·         Indexed Extractions
·         Key Value Extractions
·         Top Records Extractions
Database Connectivity 
·         Database Compare
·         Join – Advanced usage – different types of Join
·         Visual Connector – usage and best practice
Database Connectivity ·
·         Action Fields ·
·         Database Searches ·
·         Join (advanced usage – different types of Join)
·         Visual Connector (usage and best practice)
Advanced Sampling Techniques and Advanced Statistical Analysis
·         Appending Field Statistics
·         IDEA Pivot Tables · Standard Deviation
·         Attribute Sampling ·
·         Benford’s Law ·
·         Correlation
·         Monetary Unit Sampling
Field Manipulation and Equations 
·         Complex Logic (including multiple @Functions within equations)
Recording a Script 
·         · Script Recorder, Visual Script Editor, Planning
·         · Saving and running tasks
·         · Converting Visual script to IDEAScript
·         · IDEAScript Editor, code, building from history log, assigning scripts to the ribbon

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Registration Fee (Limited Class Size)

N50,000.00 per participant (inclusive of training materials, refreshments and lunch)

Course/Seminar Fee of N50,000.00 for 

  • Early Birds – Valid for registration and payment received on or before 29 November 2016; OR
  • Group – Valid for 3 or more participants registering under the same company or group of companies

For further enquiries, please contact

  • Tina at +234 817 915 1225
  • Oye at +234 817 745 0870

Register here






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