With any significant transaction involving an acquisition, disposal or merger, it’s important that companies manage the tax risks to avoid unpleasant surprises. Even more so in respect of cross-border transactions where the tax risks are not limited to a single jurisdiction.

At Imeko Associates, we take a proactive approach to transaction support commencing with proper tax planning and a rigorous review of the relevant tax issues. In the end, your company wants to enhance its value from the transaction – a view that we share.

Our commercial focus together with our international network of tax professionals can provide efficient transaction support services from the planning stage to completion including:

  • transaction structuring to maximise tax efficiencies including cross-border structuring
  • pre-acquisition tax due diligence reviews to identify potential tax exposures
  • vendor tax due diligence to prepare a company or business for disposal
  • identification of tax issues to be addressed in transaction documents such as tax warranties and liaising with lawyers
  • advice on financing the transaction to manage the debt/equity mix and optimise cash flows.


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