At Imeko Associates we provide a comprehensive range of compliance and advisory services, we concentrate in supporting the companies and individuals to meet their tax compliance obligations and responsibilities.

We assist clients, from small enterprises to multinational corporations, to manage their tax compliance issues, while they focus on the goals and objective of the business. Offering the consistently high quality services, our talented staff provide the full tax solutions and consultation service to help our client build strong compliance and achieve its goals effectively.

Our tax compliance consulting services include:

  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT) compliance
  • Tax provisioning services and support during year end statutory audit
  • Preparation and filing of annual income tax returns
  • Processing and obtaining annual corporate TCC
  • Liaising with the FIRS to resolve issues relating to corporate taxation, if any
  • Withholding Tax (WHT) Services
  • WHT administration: deduction and remittance to the appropriate tax authority
  • Obtaining WHT tax credit
  • Advice on WHT matters
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Preparing and filing monthly VAT returns
  • Attending to any VAT query that may arise
  • Miscellaneous Taxes /Levies
  • Respond to sundry tax assessments that may be raised by local or state governments and related agencies
  • Liaise and negotiate with the appropriate authorities on any assessment on the company

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