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Payroll Service

From small/medium sized companies, multinationals, new start ups or established companies, our experienced payroll team in Imeko Associates provides the accurate and in-time payroll services to assist you from the hassle of dealing with payroll matters and let you focus on the core aspects of your business.


Benefits of outsourcing payroll services include:

  • Keeping payroll information protective and confidential;
  • Time saving and can free up your staff to pursue more important valued-added and revenue-generating activities;
  • Cost effective;
  • Compliance in statutory legislation and avoid penalties/mistakes.

Key features of our service include:

  • Payroll calculation with appropriate deductions for pension & NHF Contributions, and withholding taxes
  • Provision of security-sealed salary payslip or secure e-payslip for each employee
  • Provision of standard payroll summary to the Company
  • Preparation and filing of employee’s Individual Income Tax returns and assistance in dealing with any related tax liability
  • Joiner/Leaver processing (including enrolling and dis-enrolling employees with the relevant authorities)
  • Ascertain employee’s annual emoluments
  • Obtain monthly variation instructions from you for your various employees
  • Processing the monthly payroll of the employees of the Company, including computation of PAYE taxes and other employee-related obligations.
  • Submit reports of the monthly payroll and payslips so prepared.
  • Annual PAYE Returns/ TDCs/TCC processing
  • Filing of the Company’s annual PAYE returns.
  • Obtaining annual Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) for the employees.
  • Liaise with the Revenue on minor requests relating to the monthly remittances excluding audit related enquiries

Compensation Restructuring

  • Review the Company’s compensation structure and prepare a report of our findings for you.
  • Apply the provisions of the Personal Income Tax Act Amended (PITAM) 2011 as amended to date on the Company’s current compensation structure.
  • Develop alternatives that would reduce the aggregate taxes payable in line with the Tax Act.


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