How It Works: 5 STEPS PROCEDURE (Fast Tax Return Procedure)

1. Fill Form, Download The Form Here

Simply fill in or attach as many details as possible. If not sure, please don’t worry we check and work with you all the way.

2. Our Preparation

Our tax accountant prepares your tax return. If we need additional information, we contact you within 24 hours. If not, you receive a full copy of tax return and invoice by email within 24 hours.

3. Review & Amendment

You can review to make sure you don’t miss or forget something. If you need any correction, you can email back to us.

4. Lodgement to RTA

Your tax return for 3years prior is lodged with RTA on your behalf.

5. Get Your e-TCC Card

Just wait for your e-TCC card to be delivered. You usually receive your card and receipt of assessment in 7-14 business days.

Download form here

Fill and mailed back to us @