Our Firm helps finance departments to assume a central and long-term role in strategic and business-critical decision making. With our assistance and advice, CFOs are able to develop new management capabilities and leave their former, more functional and administrative role, behind.

We also help to make their operations more effective and can advise finance functions on how best to provide insightful analytics, including costs, performance and risks to management.

We offers the below services:

  • Finance Operating Model: Finance functions of most organisations are evolving in response to many internal and external challenges. At Imeko Associates we can help our clients optimise their finance units in line with their changing circumstances, requirements and strategic direction.
  • Finance Process Improvement: Working closely with you, we will applies our expertise in improving finance processes to help your organisation increase productivity and quality and, in turn, shift more capacity to activities with a higher added value.
  • Outsourcing: Shared services and business process outsourcing deliver support services efficiently and effectively, enabling organisations to focus on value-added activities. We will works with your organisations to realise the benefits of shared services, including greater standardisation and consolidation, improved customer service and lower costs.


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