From an independent and unbiased perspective, we provide a flexible and integrated family office service designed to meet your unique family circumstances and vision. We take into account all of your needs, to instil confidence and a sense of comfort in managing your affairs.

As your trusted adviser we act as the central hub for the management of your tax, wealth transfer, risk management, lifestyle and family financial reporting needs, ensuring that decisions and professional relationships necessary to safeguard and grow your wealth are centrally managed and coordinated.

For us, it’s about establishing long-term relationships built on trust. Trust that you can rely on us to deliver the insights, services and resources to assist you to manage your affairs. We believe that when our clients trust that we fully understand what’s important to them and back it up with genuine counsel and support, they are more confident in the choices they make.

Every family office is unique and tailored entirely to fit your requirements. Family Office services can often include:

  • Accounting, income tax planning and compliance services
  • Expense management and financial reporting
  • Family payroll and employment activities
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning
  • Risk management and asset protection planning
  • Co-ordinating legal, investment & tax advice in administering your affairs
  • Philanthropy planning
  • Family education and governance
  • Investment monitoring and reporting


Entrusting Imeko Associates to provide your family office service delivers a unique experience that meets your needs, expectations and preferences. And it’s how we measure the very real and tangible value you receive when working with us to provide that extra layer of comfort and security that is sometimes required.