Bank reconciliations are one of our core services.  It gives our clients a clear view of their cash positions, and that means better decision making. Hoping that the cheques will clear is not a good business strategy.  It’s time to master your cash.

If your objective is to reduce clerical time spent on account reconciliation and to enhance your audit control, look into Imeko Associates Account Reconciliation Services. We offer both partial and full reconciliation plans, each with a broad range of options.

  • Simplify and expedite reconciling of your internal records with the bank’s information.
  • Select from flexible reporting periods.
  • Receive detailed information via computer-generated reports or request an electronic data file.


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Benefits of Outsourcing to Imeko Associates

  •  Skilled Accounting Experts

    Our team have several years of experience in accounting & in-depth technical knowledge of accounts reconciliation tools & techniques.


  •  Cut-down Expenses

    Our bank reconciliation solutions help you reduce administrative as well as accounting expenses whilst ensuring maximum quality at all times.


  •  Streamlined Processes

    We have streamlined in-house quality control processes that ensure maximum levels of accuracy and reliability to our clients.


  •  Ensured Data Security

    We make use of highly-secured mail servers along with several other data protection measures to maximize the confidentiality of our client’s data.


  •  Accounting Software

    We can work on multiple best-in-class accounting software to carry out GL and bank account reconciliation for our clients.


  •  Better Business Decisions

    Our outsourcing solutions provide our clients an easy access to their reconciled accounting data that helps them in making wise business decisions.


  •  Bank Reconciliation Costs

    Our costs for reconciliation services are quite competitive being a pioneer in the industry. We offer flexible payment plans to our clients.

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  •        Reduction in administrative and accounting expenses
  •        Improved and robust data security measures that ensure that your confidential data is safe
  •        Use of customized/improvised solutions to meet reconciliation problems of Nigerian firms
  •        Compliance with regulatory legislations like the Sarbanes-Oxley act
  •        Reconciliation of financial statements in any of the accepted formats
  •        Emphasis on increased financial control for due diligence of financial statements
  •        Competitive pricing without compromising on quality

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Data security

If confidentiality, privacy and security measures are primary concerns, then you need not have any worries when you outsource Account Reconciliation to us. At Imeko Associates, we take data security very seriously and have taken stringent security measures to ensure complete confidentiality.

  • All our employees sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements at the onset of every project
  • Our web servers are secure and have firewalls that prevent hacking
  • The access areas to the workplaces are protected with biometric access controls thereby preventing unauthorized personnel from entering inside

Join our large clientele of accounts reconciliation customers and give your business a competitive edge.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Bank Reconciliation Service?

  • Get a team of qualified and certified accountants with domain expertise to work for you at an affordable cost
  • Gain a deeper insight on the current state of your finances – pay invoices, purchase equipment, and address investors with complete confidence
  • Easily identify, track and resolve discrepancies within your business
  • Reduce cash in suspense accounts and control your cash flow
  • Recognize the timing differences between your business’ records and the bank’s records
  • Use expert financial reports to analyze and assess your company financial performance
  • Get a better perspective of where your company stands, and take informed decisions about your organization’s future
  • Detect and reconcile discrepancies in your internal financial transactions and records
  • Exercise proper credit control by getting the details of all your outstanding checks and deposits, if any

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Our Account Reconciliation Services:

We have both the experience and the expertise in providing entire range of account reconciliation services and bank credit card services, which include:

  • Full reconciliation
  • Reconciling your internal financial records with your bank statements
  • Reconciling your internal records with credit card statements of your customers
  • Recognize the timing differences between your business’ records and the bank’s records
  • Reconciliation of vendor invoices with your general buyer ledger
  • Reconciling of bank statements with the records maintained by your business
  • Creation of bank reconciliation reports

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