ACL Analytics Software Training (Dec 16-17) 



16-17 December 2016


9.00 am to 5.00 pm


Mackintouch Consulting Training Centre,

Beside Ikeja Best Western Hotel,

Opebi Roundabout,

Opebi, Ikeja


About ACL Analytics:


Strategic risks look like icebergs in annual reports, but the reality is that they manifest as tiny needles in the haystack of your organization’s transactional data.

ACL™ Analytics connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can’t illuminate with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheet or generic business intelligence. It’s designed for you, the GRC professional.



Course Description:

The objective of this comprehensive 2-day “hands-on” course is to acquaint the participant with the primary features of the ACL software system in order to enable him/her to successfully perform data analysis on various types of data files.  The ACL environment will be discussed including navigation techniques, creating and working with ACL projects and views, and the function of the overview window.  Data access methods will be presented and explained. Advanced ACL commands and data analysis techniques will be introduced and explained. Participants will learn efficient ways to filter or remove unwanted data from their ACL data files amongst others.  


At the conclusion of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the role data analysis software plays in supporting audit activities.
  • Understand and recognize data analysis terminology, as well as common data types, data structures, and character sets.
  • Create and manage ACL Projects and Project components.
  • Navigate within the ACL software system in order to utilize ACL commands, functions and other software features.
  • Utilize ACL commands and functions in order to successfully perform data analysis operations on various types of data files.
  • Utilize the reporting and other output features of ACL to generate meaningful reports, charts, graphs, and/or output files.
  • Utilize the ACL commands necessary to simultaneously work with multiple data files.
  • Understand and successfully utilize the more advanced commands, functions and other features within the ACL for Windows / ACL Analytics software system.
  • Perform data analysis operations while simultaneously utilizing multiple data files.
  • Perform various script and group related operations to enhance data analysis effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Perform digital analysis (Benford’s Law) operations using the Benford command.
  • Utilize the Fuzzy Duplicates command and related functions to more effectively identify potential duplicate records.
  • Utilize various ACL functions to assist in performing more complex data analysis operations.


Target Audience

·        New and beginner users of ACL Analytics.

·        Internal Auditors

·        External Auditors

·        Fraud Investigators

·        MIS Analysts

·        Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring Specialists
IT Control Specialists

·        Tax Auditors



Participants are to come with a Laptop for Demo software installation.


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Course Outline

Understanding the Basics

·         Data audit and analysis techniques – What is ACL?

·         Understanding common data types and data structures

·         Obtaining your data

The ACL Environment

·         Navigating within ACL / ACL Main Menu structure.

·         Creating and working with ACL projects.

·         Creating and managing ACL Views.

·         Working with the Overview.

Accessing Data

·         Data paths and data downloading.

·         Defining data files:

·         – Flat Sequential.
– Delimited.
– Excel.
– Print Image / Report.

·         Accessing / downloading ODBC-compliant data.

Analyzing and Understanding Data

·         Using the Verify, Count, Total, and Statistics

·         Using the Sequence, Duplicates, Stratify,
Classify, & Age commands.

·         Graphing and reporting within ACL.

·         Filtering records.

·         Building expressions using the ACL Expression
Builder feature.

Manipulating and Managing Data

·         Using the Extract, Export, Sort, Join, Merge, Summarize, and Sample commands.

·         Working with ACL Functions.

Working with Multiple Data Files

·         Join Command.

·         Relations Command.

·         Relations vs. File.

·         Overcoming intra-file record comparison limitations.

Enhancing Efficiency with Script and Group Commands

·         Scripts and Groups defined.

·         Static and interactive Scripts.

·         Creating and using command groups.

Data / Record Filtering

·         Filtering defined.

·         Advantages and disadvantages of record filtering.

·         Practical applications for applying filters.


Digital Analysis / Benford’s Law

·         What is digital analysis?

·         The ACL Benford command.

·         Output generation and interpretation.

Working with Multiple Data Files

·         Join command.

·         Relations command.

·         Join versus Relation.

·         Making intra-file record comparisons.

Working with “Difficult” Data

·         Classifying & summarizing on “numeric” key fields.

·         Other ACL tips and tricks.


·         Participants will be provided with comprehensive course CDs containing presentation material, command, function
and other ACL reference material, class exercises, and glossary sections.

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Registration Fee (Limited Class Size)

N100,000.00 per participant (inclusive of training course CDs, refreshments and lunch)

20% OFF Course/Seminar Fee of N100,000.00 for

·         Early Birds – Valid for registration and payment received on or before 13 December 2016; OR

·         Group – Valid for 3 or more participants registering under the same company or group of companies

For further enquiries, please contact

·         Tina +234 805 658 6353   0817 915 1225

·         Oye +234 817 745 0870

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